Solan-Fone 3000 Introduction.


Solan-Fone 3000 is a unique and powerful billing and voicemail platform. The platform provides robust, highly scalable convergent billing. The Solan-Fone 3000 production-proven billing applications support the wide range of billing requirements of the communications industry - flexible multi-attribute rating, high-volume scalability, multi-networks operation and support, multi-currency and multi- lingual environment operations   and full integration of postpaid and prepaid activities.

The platform also includes a cost effective voice mail system, all together providing the service provider a complete solution for the basic need of day by day operation.

The Solan-Fone 3000 is designed to meet all telecommunication organization (including traditional land line telecom operators, mobile operators, fix wireless service providers, ISPs, ASPs, and cable /satellites companies) current and future needs. 


Solan-Fone 3000 Major Modules.


Solan-Fone 3000 infrastructure designed and built upon open and modular architecture. The system modular environment enables a quick implementation of the Solan-Fone 3000, and insures the service provider a short time to market of new services and marketing plans. The Solan-Fone 3000 platform contains 3 major modules: Billing system, Pre-Paid platform and voice mail system.



Solan-Fone 3000 Billing Modules.


Solan-Fone 3000 Billing module, a Convergent Billing and Customer Care system represents the most innovative, modular, end-to-end billing solution, enabling communication providers to quickly handle millions of subscribers and innumerous simultaneous transactions, as well as offering great revenue streams. Solan-Fone 3000 Billing module is a powerful and scalable platform includes professional mediation, provisioning and rating for a wide range of convergent prepaid and post-paid IP services and enabling flexible rating models according to different parameters. Its most significant advantage is the integrated open architecture, which can interface with other modern systems and applications, adapting to the rapidly developing telecommunication environment.

Solan-Fone 3000 contains 10 sub modules, enabling the system to function efficiently while meeting all operational requirements.






Solan-Phone 3000 Pre-Paid Module.


Solan Pre-Paid Module is designed to support in real-time all activities related to operators pre-paid customers.  The real-time architecture of Solan-Phone 3000 allows providers to offer multiple prepaid services, including rechargeable cards, disposable cards and rechargeable prepaid accounts, while providing accurate call management and achieving maximum business efficiency at the same time. The Solan-Phone prepaid system enables accurate AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) by identifying the subscriber at service initiation, authorizing the specific service, returning the cut-off parameters (duration, volume, go/no go), constantly updating the customers balance and providing a cut-off message when the balance bottoms out.




Solan-Phone 3000 Voice Mail system


Solan-Phone 3000 concept to provide the emerging operators with a bread & butter platform, it offer also a unique approach combining the voice mail system with the billing solution. This approach offers the operators a much more cost effective solution. 

The Voice Mail system of the Solan-Phone 3000 is a simple but powerful solution. The system offers of the shelf - basic functionalities of voice mail systems and system customization and functionality upgrade in the implementation phase or after the system was rolled out. The system includes traditional voice mail system integrated with user friendly IVR system.