Solan communications group approach developing markets with new and revolutionary marketing strategy. As an international operator Solan communications group fully understand present status and requirements of communications carriers. Solan communications group offer the telecom industry suit of products meeting the “bread & butter” needs of any communications operator, and utilizing carrier grade technology that rapidly generate new revenue sources for the carriers.


Solan communications realize that technology superiority is not enough, and to produce a “win-win” solution the business model should also fit the carrier’s abilities. Solan Communications targets her prospects with partnership concept based upon revenue sharing model, with almost no start-up fees the carrier needs to pay. The “magic” of the model is that the technology costs are directly related to the carrier’s revenue and limit the risk taken by the carrier. Finally in situation that almost any technology vendor is seeking for enormous down payment, Solan communications group strategy is exceptional and unique.   


Solan Communications – Company Overview


Solan Communications group was founded on 1982 by Mr. Yacov Solan. The Group mission was to develop cutting-edge solutions for the Telecomm industry. In the last 20 years Solan communications positioned her self as a market pioneer in launching new communications services and product, and implementing revolutionary marketing approach.


Solan communications developed variety of services and product including global communication services, telecommunication infrastructure projects, call accounting management systems, Billing platforms for communications operators and Pre-Paid & Voice Mail platform for communications carriers.


Solan Communications operates all over the glob with offices in Europe and in the United State of America, and activities in South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.


Solan Communications - Products & services


·               Solan-Fone™ 2000    - Call Accounting & Management System.

·               Solan-Fone™ 3000    - Billing, Pre-Paid and Voice Mail Platform.

·               Solan-Fone™ 4000    - Pre-Paid E-distribution platform.

·               Solan-Fone™ 5000    - Revenue Increase Program for P.T.T.

·               Solan-Fone™ 6000    - Public Pay-Phones & Control Systems.

·               U.T.I.C Services - Un-Traceable International Communication Services.

·               Communication Centers. 

·               Satellite Phones & Services.

·               Cellular Phones Rentals.



Solan Communications - Company Top Management


Yacov Solan –Managing Director & President.

Amnon Ben-Shai – V. P. Finance.

Shimon Elazari – V. P. Technical & Operation Manager.

Lior Shoham-Solan – V.P. Marketing.


Solan Communications - Unique Business proposal


Solan Communication offers, communication companies the opportunity of benefiting the advantages of the Solan-Fone™ products line* in a revolutionary business model.


Solan communications offer the Solan-Fone™ products line* based upon revenue sharing model with almost no start up fees. The business model includes unlimited support package and on-going customizations according to carrier’s requirements. Solan communications target is to generate new revenue sources for the carrier and to efficient carrier’s organization daily activities, for the benefit of all parties involved.  


Note:   Not applicable for Solan-Fone™ 2000 and U.T.I.C services


Solan Communications Business proposal advantages

·               Almost no Start-up fees

·               Pay as you grow method (revenue sharing)

·               Unlimited Support package

·               Free Version Upgrades

·               No ongoing Customizations Cost



Contact Information


            Solan Communications and Computers Ltd.

          Tel:    +972-8-918-3355

          Fax:    +972-8-921-8554




Headquarters Address


            Agency Warehouse, Tzrifin

          P.O.B 53

          Nir-Zvi, 72905