Technology Partners


X Cap Ltd.


The company targets the enterprise market segment, where a unique Machine-to-Machine communication in real-time is required.

The AAT platform provides an End-to-End solution for critical missions.

X-Cap is a young company, founded in 2002 by experienced entrepreneurs whose collective experience in the security/wireless industry is in excess of five (5) decades.



Bar - Net


An Israeli based company specializing in the development, supply & installation of Telephony systems and solutions. The line of solutions mainly based on MultiCall telephony server provides a wide range of options as automated response, conference calls, FAX and call centers.

MultiCall - a Computer Telephony solution platform which combines the power of Telecommunications with corporate database systems. Using its graphic applications designer it is used to deliver telephony and CTI solution of all levels for automated voice response, Fax, Conference calls, calls routing, and call centers.




SMART-SS7 a privately held company was founded in August 2001. SMART-SS7 focus is building services and applications for the telecom market, enabling mobile operators to increase revenue by delivering enhanced voice and multimedia services to their subscribers.
Our in-depth knowledge in cellular market and networks enables us to develop innovative, advanced, complex, highly integrated, valuable solutions for mobile operators base on IN (intelligent Network) technologies.



CTware Limited.


Ctware began its operations in 2000 as independent software developer of CTI solutions.

Ctware's flagship product, Xpresso, is the company's all-in-one contact center software.

The Xpresso is designed to maximize customer experience and satisfaction by connecting phone, fax, voice mail and the web together with customer data.

Xpresso can handle considerable volumes of communications simultaneously, with capabilities of logging, screening and forwarding to a designated agent or to an auto-attendant for self customer care.

Ctware's StarVAS, a revolutionary Value Added Service Platform powered by Ctware Xbuilder engine, delivers services and applications that combine voice with Web, SMS and WAP (e.g. conferencing services, voting, gaming and web callback).

The StarVAS can shorten implementation cycles, expand value added services for subscribers and provide a variety of applications in less time with fewer resources.

Ctware is a member of the Elgadcom Group, one of Israel's largest privately owned communication organizations.