Solan-Fone RealPrePaid.


Solan-Fone REALPre-Paid is designed to support in real-time all activities related to operators pre-paid customers. The real-time architecture of Solan-Fone REALPre-Paid allows providers to offer multiple prepaid services, including rechargeable cards, disposable cards and rechargeable prepaid accounts, while providing accurate call management and achieving maximum business efficiency at the same time. Solan-Fone REALPre-Paid system enables accurate AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) by identifying the subscriber at service initiation, authorizing the specific service, returning the cut-off parameters (duration, volume, go/no go), constantly updating the customers balance and providing a cut-off message when the balance bottoms out.




Pre-Paid CSM Customer Services Management Module.


The CSM module is Flexible Customer Self Service module Solan-Fone REALPre-Paid CSM module provides both Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services and call center tools to analyze and respond to customer behavior in real-time. The CSM is a customer self-care application that links Solan-Fone REALPre-Paid with the service providers infrastructure. It represents a simple, one-step method that subscribers can use in order to obtain, manage, customize and pay for the services they use.

The IVR used for prepaid service enables customer self manage, among which: the possibility of entering new calling cards, recharge calling cards changing the customers personal details and password, get up to date account information, playing IVR in the customers language, and offering customized services to subscribers.

Pre-Paid Generator Calling Cards Management Module.

The Solan-Fone REALPre-Paid Automatic Account Creation is an easy-to-use and convenient tool for creating disposable and rechargeable prepaid calling card lots. This way, a wide range of customer care operations can be performed in real-time, including changes in a customers individual service-attributes, contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective customer service. This module generates the calling card unique ID, relates pin codes, and exports it to external applications to manufacturing and distribution process.


Pre-Paid Provision A real-time Provisioning Module.


The Solan-Fone REALPre-Paid provision module is a robust real-time services provisioning module. The provisioning module is a link module between the operator's infrastructure and billing platform getting service authorization request form the network element and return authorization and accounting replies generated at the billing platform. The modules implement organizations business rules, prompts the customer regarding services limitations, and, finally, eliminates services according to customer credit balance.