Solan-Fone REALBill Convergent Billing & Customer Care.


Solan-Fone REALBill, a Convergent Billing and Customer Care system represents the most innovative, modular, end-to-end billing solution, enabling communication providers to quickly handle millions of subscribers and innumerous simultaneous transactions, as well as offering great revenue streams. Solan-Fone REALBill is a powerful and scalable platform includes professional mediation, provisioning and rating for a wide range of convergent prepaid and post-paid IP services and enabling flexible rating models according to different parameters. Its most significant advantage is the integrated open architecture, which can interface with other modern systems and applications, adapting to the rapidly developing telecommunication environment.

Solan-Fone REALBill contains 10 sub modules, enabling the system to function efficiently while meeting all operational requirements.








SolanMed Mediation Module.


SolanMed is powerful mediation device which supports unlimited input types and formats - Due to the flexibility of the SolanMed mediation device, the information can arrive from different network elements via different protocols and formats, and is processed and normalized efficiently.

Suitable for diverse tasks and operations - The solution is suitable for different target tasks of varied nature and requirements. The same functionality can be used for duties requiring real-time performance, such as security hazards and prepaid billing, or for tasks that are less demanding in this aspect, but require correlation of many inputs with different pace, such as, network statistics and post-paid billing. SolanMed is easy to configure and use - Simple configuration that allows efficient support of new network elements and business models.

SolanMed hooks up to the operator networks elements (e.g. IP, IN, switch base etc.) collecting generated CDRs analyze it in realtime, format it to unified format, while conducting on the fly data processing producing rough and ready data that increase system efficiency.

Carrier-grade performance and scalability - SolanMed architecture is designed to support future upgrades and can be installed in complex, high-end environments.


SolanPRV Provisioning Module.


SolanPRV is intuitive provisioning tool interacting in realtime with network element and third party applications.

This module arms service provider with quick activation or deactivation of services automatically or upon request. A direct connection between Operators infrastructure (e.g. HLR, Authentication Center etc.) and the billing system is essential - SolanPRV is equipped to communicate with operator infrastructure by internal generator or via open API.



SolanRate Rating Module.


SolanRate Rating module was designed to handle multiple rating requests in real-time. It receives the request, calculates the rate and responds in real time. The Rating module is designed as an adjunct rating engine for legacy prepaid systems that need real-time reverse-rating calculation for convergent services during the service authorization phase.

SolanRate has a highly configurable rating engine that can charge for almost any type of event. All product and service offerings can be handled in an intuitive format, allowing flexible price plan definition and the rapid introduction of complex rating schemes and discounting.

SolanRate interface with the mediation device constantly in standardized format enabling the system to shorten process and react with minimum system resources.


Solan-Fone REALBill Billing engine.


Solan-Fone REALBill billing engine compiles calculates and summarizes all elements that appear on the consolidated bill. These include recurring charges, usage charges, one-time charges, credits and adjustments for any service and line of business. With a flexible discount engine, it applies dynamic accumulation, hierarchy-based aggregation and discounting rules for cross-service discounting. A single bill can be produced for all the customers services, including prepaid and postpaid for voice and any service or product the customer might acquire.

Although pre-payment has become the most accessible method of revenue generation in the communications market, the traditional post-payment is still widely used in all sectors. Therefore, Solan-Fone REALBill Billing engine efficiently incorporates two types of post-paid customers that require a single billing system for all services. Both credit and limited-credit customers are invoiced on a periodical basis, but whereas the former type has unlimited credit, the latter has its balance checked during service usage and when the credit limit is reached, the account is disabled in real time.


SolanCTLG Services & Products Management Module.


SolanCTLG enable the service provider to manage and control all services and products the organization portfolio contains. Solan friendly graphical interface provide the operators personal an intuitive and easy way to enter, edit and disable products and services. The information created by SolanCTLG is the basis for all platform operations.


SolanCSR Customer Management Module.


SolanCSR efficient customer-care system is available for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) in real time. CSRs have an off-the-shelf Friendly graphical interface designed specially for them through which they can constantly manage and control all customer activities: create, search and modify accounts, view real-time account information (including balance and usage details), update customer details and service bundles, perform billing operations and on the spot charging and accordingly produce receipts. CSRs can also restrict operations and access according to customer security level or customer group.

SolanCSR offer integration with a Web-based self-care system where subscribers can control their accounts in real time. Subscribers anytime, anywhere can simply, securely and reliably register for service by themselves, pay online, recharge their account, change password and personal details, check real-time account balance and view their most recent account information.


SolanINVC Invoice Generator Module.


SolanINVC is responsible for generating and distribution of invoices and messages. The environmental surrounding of the billing system requires heavy-duty module to handle mass production of billing outputs in multiple formats, Solan INVC respond to the challenge and support invoices generating efficiently and mass distribution in unified messaging methods (hard copy print, e-mail, fax).


SolanGL Account Receivable Module.


SolanGL is internal accounts receivable module that supports posting and maintenance of charges, invoice and payment receipt, cash application and financial reporting. Accounts Receivable supports all aspects of complex convergence by maintaining charges at a very detailed level, including line of business, product type, and charge type and subscription number. Interfaces to external financial systems, such as General Ledger and Accounts Payable, are also supported via open APIs.


SolanRPT Powerful Reporting Tool.


SolanRPT is a comprehensive reporting tool that enhances the service provider with real-time information of all billing aspects. The SolanRPT is opened to all organization departments and can be used for various tasks.

The SolanRPT can generate on-demand reports built upon any desired billing data and filtered by almost unlimited variables; the report output is fully customizable and can be displayed in multiple graphical layouts. The analysis of the reports generated by the SolanRPT is crucial for the operator day by day demands.

SolanAdmin System Administration Module.


SolanAdmin is a system administration module that enables the operator billing manager easily maintenance of the billing platform. The module functionality enhance system administrator control power over the system from security polices up to system fine-tuning for efficient and smooth operation.