Solan-Fone 6000 Pay-Phones & Controlling Systems


Solan-Fone 6000 is an integrating Pay-Phones solution, providing communication carriers with a complete Pay-Phones Network, including the phones and a real-time Control & Billing system.


Solan-Fone 6000 Pay-Phones are heavy-duty, very elegantly designed, simple to use and suitable for indoors or outdoors use. The Pay-Phones can work on coins, smart cards, barcode cards & magnetic cards.


The Pay-Phones can be used, for providing the service, through normal P.T.T. (land-line), through cellular lines or through satellite lines.


Solan-Fone 6000 is providing communication operators with an advanced central billing and control system.


Solan-Fone 6000 is supplied with a complete package enabling generating, manufacturing and controlling the Pre-Paid Cards.





         P.T.T. (land-lines)


         Communication Carriers


         Municipalities & Towns




         Cellular Operators


         Satellite Operators





         Simple to Use


         Fully automatic


         No PIN Code


         Real-Time solution


         Multi-lingual Phones


         No money losses




         In-Doors Use


         Out-Doors Use