Solan-Fone™ 5000 Revenue Increase Program for P.T.T.


Present market status force land line telecommunications carriers to efficient their operation, and generate maximum revenue per subscriber (leverage RPU- Revenue per User). The worldwide economic depression makes this task even harder to manage. The percentage of high risk customer is increasing, and the competition with cellular operators cause P.T.T.’s churn to increase.


Solan-Fone™ 5000 is a revolutionary revenue increase program targets the land line telecommunication operators, offering Solan communications group experience and operational capability to better mange their core business, while reducing operational cost and efficient operator’s business daily activities.


Solan-Fone™ 5000 program offers the carrier a segmentation of the existing subscribers’ base into two major segments. The first segment is the subscriber with medium to high RPU, that generate most of the carrier revenue, and their credit rank is good.  The second segment includes the high risk subscribers, which their RPU is low and their payment behavior is poor.


In the next step of Solan-Fone™ 5000 program, Solan communications group will financially and commercially manage the “high risk” segment. The program insures the operator higher revenue generated from this segment, no lines cut off’s, lower carrier financial risk. The program commits to high service level for the “high risk” segment and more competitive approach applying the segment needs, causing churn reduction. 


The Solan-Fone™ 5000 program is based upon revenue sharing module with almost no start-up fees for the carrier.




·                           P.T.T. (Land Lines operators)

·         Increase revenue and profit

·         Reduce operational costs

·         Limit risk factors

·         Diminish churn

·         Efficient resources allocation

·         Single point of  account settlement

·         No telephone lines cut-off’s