Solan-Fone™ 4000  Pre-Paid E-distribution platform


Solan-Fone™ 4000 is a complete Pre-Paid automate supply-chain platform. The system offers telecommunications carriers to resell and activate pre-paid lots with out the need of manufacturing distributing and storing traditional pre-paid cards.


The system enables carrier’s subscribers to purchase virtual pre-paid cards, while they shop in the local supermarket, filling patrol at gas stations, getting cash from the ATM, buying at neighborhood’s kiosk, and even from self service machines.


The Solan-Fone™ 4000 tears today distribution boundaries:


·         The system supports almost any payment methods (cash, credit cards etc...)

·         Virtual pre-paid cards purchase amounts are not limited to fix sums (like today)

·         Pre-Paid cards distributors won’t have any inventory to mange.

·         Pre-Paid cards are available anywhere and anytime.     


Solan-Fone™ 4000 controls all purchase, activation and pre-paid accounts recharge (Top-Up technology) aspects of virtual pre-paid cards. The client server architecture enables the system to operate in real time, while insuring high availability of the virtual pre-paid cards. The Solan-Fone™ 4000 simplifying pre-paid cards distribution; reduce pre-paid operational costs for the carrier. The subscribers enjoy better and easy to use service. The distributor’s workflow is easier and the incentive to sell is high.



·         Mobile Operators (Cellular)

·         P.T.T. (Land Lines operators)

·         International Carriers

·         Internet Service Providers

·         C.A.T.V. & Satellite companies

·         Service Providers

·         Communication Resellers 


·         Reduce pre-paid distribution costs

·         Generate new revenue sources

·         Subscribers oriented approach

·         Flexible & Open architecture

·         Fully Customizable solution

·         Real-Time solution

·          Multi infrastructure & network

·          Multi lingual & currency