Solan-Fone 2000 Call Accounting & Management System


Solan-Fone 2000 is telephone call accounting & management system, enabling complete real-time control of all calls going through local PBXs of companies, organizations, and associations. Solan-Fone 2000 collects records and stores all calls information in a customized database. Users are able to generate up-to-the-minute reports on their organizations telephone use, allowing them to manage their telecom resources effectively.


From the moment that Solan-Fone 2000 is installed, telephone expenses will be dramatically reduced. Utilizing Solan-Fone 2000 unique real-time Email notification feature - expensive, excessively long and unauthorized telephone calls decrease immediately. In addition, employee productivity will be increased by reducing time wasted on the phone.


The Solan-Fone 2000 can be implemented by any company or organization that possess local PBX, no matter the company size or physical company layout, and PBXs manufacture.




         Government offices

         Hotels & Guest Houses

         Organizations & Institutions

         Defense Ministries & Armies

         Banks & Insurance companies

         Municipalities and towns

         Communications & Call centers

         SOHO & SME companies


      Reduce telephone cost

      Increase employee productivity

      Control P.T.T telephone bills

      Efficient usage of telephone infrastructure

      Ascription of telephone expenses

      Charging external users

      General & customizable reports