U.T.I.C : Un-Traceable International Communication Services


The U.T.I.C (Un-Traceable International Communication) service enables conducting international communication from any point over the globe to any destination all over the world, without leaving any trace of both callers and recipients locations. U.T.I.C includes various communication services such as voice communications, facsimile services, cellular & satellite communication and even data services.


The service is unique and suit special customers that their privacy is their asset. The service offers a complete call source & destination effacement. Solan Communications is able to offer complete secrecy to any customers using its U.T.I.C. services.


The U.T.I.C services are already operative for many years. The service was tested by leading telecommunications experts and proven high reliability and tremendous technology performance over the years.





         Governmental officials

         Security agencies

         Foreign offices

         Intelligence organizations

         Global merchants

         Off-Shore banks & companies

         Mass media


           Transparent Service

           No Announcements

           Simple to use

           No operators

           No pin code

           No delays

          No redundancies