Company Top Management



Yacov Solan Managing Director & President


Mr. Yacov Solan, the Managing Director & President of Solan Group, Founded the company on 1982. Mr. Solan Holds a B.A. degree in Economics and a M.B.A. Degree in Business Administration. A pilot in the Israeli Air-Force for many years and is a Lieutenant-Colonel (Reserve Duty) in the Israeli Army. Mr. Solan was also a Squadron Commander in the Israeli Air-force. He is active in Telecommunication-related business and activities ever since the foundation of the company, and, along with other developments, responsible for the idea behind the development of SOLAN-FONE 2000TM and SOLAN-FONE 3000TM Billing systems. Mr. Solan was born in 1951.



Shimon Elazari V. P. Technical & Operation Manager


Mr. Elazari is the Technical Manager of Solan International, responsible, among his other tasks, for the operational aspects of the company and the development infrastructure of Solan Telecommunication Group. Mr. Elazari is the mind behind translating new concepts and ideas into software computerized programs and systems. Has been with the company since the year 1985 and is also responsible for the Technical Support / Customers Support Division. Mr. Elazari was born in 1953.



Amnon Ben-Shai V. P. Finance


Mr. Amnon Ben-Shai, Finance V.P. of Solan International, is responsible for all monetary activities and financial aspects of the company. Mr. Ben-Shai holding a B.A. Degree in Economics and M.B.A. Degree in Business Administration, specializing mainly in Finance and Banking, started working in the company on April 1996. In the past, he was the Managing Director and President of a financing company, owned by a major Israeli Bank, and before that he was a senior Manager in the Central Bank of Israel. Mr. Ben-Shai was born in 1962.




Lior Shoham-Solan V.P. Marketing


Mr. Lior Shoham-Solan has started working in the company in 1997. His former capacity was the Manager of Solan Telecommunication activities in Ben-Gurion Airport, supervising over 100 employees. His success in fulfilling that task resulted in being included among the companys top management list and nominated as the companys Marketing and Business Development Manager. Mr. Shoham-Solan, born in 1975, has acquired a vast legal education and experience.